Alternative 2

Alternative 2 is the smart choice that builds a world-class airport while protecting neighboring communities and promotes a regional approach to LA's aviation traffic. The Draft EIR by LAWA supports LAX Alternative 2 for runway efficiency, ease of construction, faster job creation, reducing construction delays and costs and reduced community impact. It modernizes LAX without expansion and is distinguished by the fact that it does not propose a relocation of the northern runway.

Alternative 9

Alternative 9 favors a MetroRail/LAX connection that will enhance regional access to/from LAX and reduce overcongested car traffic (and commuter access) to/from LAX. It moves the Consolidated Rent-a-Car facility to Manchester Square from Lot C and must be combined with other Alts to establish the full Master Plan. Implementing Alts 2 & 9 will bring billions of dollars of investment in modernization and ground transportation infrastructure not only to LAX, but, to the greater Los Angeles area.

It is imperative that we modernize LAX, and equally imperative that we not expand it. We need a world-class airport that is a first-class neighbor.
— Mike Bonin, Los Angeles City Councilmember CD11